The first school day of the Armenian college 1870 – a Time Travel in Venice with an American flavour

An impressive Time Travel occurred at the Palazzo Zenobio (which houses the Armenian College Moorat ‐ Raphael) in order to celebrate the long history of life and friendship between the Armenian community and Venice over the centuries. Bridging Ages board members Cécile Franchetti and Jon Hunner led sixty students from two Venetian schools, Istituto Cavanis and Scuola S.Domenico Savio, who relived the first day of school in 1870 at the College.

During the Time Travel, the students experienced the active presence of the Armenian people in the history of Venice and their contribution to thefields of education and culture. The event wasorganized in collaboration with the Mekhitarist Congre‐gation at the Armenian College and the monastery on the island of San Lazarro and with the Venetian State Archives. We also gladly received the patronage of the Armenian Embassy in Italy.

Cécile Franchetti, Venice, Bridging Ages Italy
Jon Hunner, History Departement at New Mexico State University, USA