Researcher's Night in Venice

At Researcher’s Night, 23 September, in Venice, Ca Foscari University presented 290 activities to the public. One activity was a Time Travel workshop/ event in the 15th century courtyard of the university. Ebbe Westergren made a presentation of Historic Environment Education and the Bridging Ages organization before Marino Zorzi, former director of Biblioteca Marciana, presented the historical context of the peace treaty between the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire in 1454. 

Then all the participants, about 40 persons, were invited to take part in the Time Travel to 1454 and prepare the treaty. Some played the role of Ottoman delegates and others, delegates from Venice. Many represented servants. And the big question was of course: can we live together in peace, muslims and christians, although we are so different? 

At the end the treaty was signed which gave peace and a flourishing future for both empires. We received very positive feedback from the participants of the workshop and Time Travel. As a result of that we are currently working to establish a relationship with Ca Foscari University to create further Time Travel activities.

 Cecile Franchetti Time Travel coordinator in Venice, supported by Eugenia Bolognesi  


Read the Time Travel scenario 53 kB