Stundars Takes Time Travel to the Internet

Historic Environment Education and Time Travels have been implemented as a means of experiencing the heritage of the past. Now the museum has decided to make use of the concept of Time Travel in an Internet based variant. Connecting the past and the present has posed many challenges, not least from a technical vantage point. And in the final analysis it has to be fun and user-friendly!

Stundars' "Virtual Time Travel" is available via Stundars' website ( We are given the opportunity to follow 8-year old Erik and 10-year old Hilda on a summer day in the village of Stundars in the early 1900s. The blacksmith's wife, Maria Smed is arranging an emigration party for her son who is moving to America. She needs help to organize this special event...  

The so -called "Virtual Time Travel" at Stundars is planned for children between the ages of 6 and 12. The themes discussed are mainly immigration, emigration and school lessons of the past as compared to the present, housekeeping and domestic issues. There are plans to expand the "Virtual Time Travel" by increasing the general content, games and tasks.  

Funding for Stundars' "Virtual Time Travel" has been received from the National Board of Antiquities, "Svenska Folkskolans Vänner" and "The Harry Schauman Foundation".  

Tarja Björkman
Stundars r.f.