President's corner oct 2015

For me, as newly elected president of Bridging Ages I have a really exciting task in front of me. To work and coordinate all of the fantastic work that is done by all of you in Bridging Ages all over the world, is a positively fascinating job!

To experience a Time Travel, to learn through history is an engaging concept. It’s hard to stand on the sidelines and don’t care, when you are in a heated argument about women’s rights, thrown in prison or asked to take a stand on emigrating or not. These are all questions that are current today, even though it’s happening in another time. In a world that keeps on changing, a concept where you work to engage people is fantastic. And what engages people? Things that are talked about in the society! The problems, concerns, hot topics… For me, as a historian, I’m always fascinated by that most things have happened before as well. The question “can we learn from history” is a hard one; but by the Time Travel method we can learn through history. “The only constant thing is change” said Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher and here I feel the Time Travel method really can be of use in a society.

The question of change is of course also true for Bridging Ages as a whole. Bridging Ages is growing at a steady past in many countries and there are a lot of interesting things happening. How do we fit in the changing world? To adapt to the time, but at the same time building a bridge between the past and the present through the Time Travel method, there’s the challenge… But here we have an advantage: we are from different corners of the world and learn and get inspired from one another. People from different professional fields have different views that can be used to make the Time Travel method work on a broader arena.

So how do I see the future for Bridging Ages? It’s a fantastic, enthusiastic and growing organization Ebbe left over and I hope we can still be an inclusive and engaging group that works together in projects, seminars, conferences, publications, promoting… There are many of you with a lot of knowledge and experience of the Time Travel method and I look forward to working with the truly engaging organization that is Bridging Ages!

Annina Ylikoski
president of Bridging Ages International
Regional Council of Ostrobothnia