A lot is happening in Finland!

In Vörå (approx. 60 km north of Vaasa), local organisations have been arranging various projects aimed at bringing local history to life. Courses on Historic Environment Education and Time Travels have been developed and plans to create an archaeological visitors' centre have been drawn up.  

Another on-going project is called "Time Travels in Kronoby". The goal here is to help local organisations and museums in the municipality of Kronoby develop their cultural events and activities. The project also concentrates on promoting cooperation with schools. They will be given better opportunities to take part in cultural and historical activities and increase students' knowledge of local history.  

During the next few years, schools will also be the main focus of the Österbotten Antiquarian Society, with a view to raise awareness of cultural and historic sites in the local environment and help teachers use these sites when teaching history. The Society aims to develop a manual on Historic Environment Education and create a network between museums, universities, historical societies and schools.  

Furthermore, project coordinators are also considering building a regional network for Historic Environment Education in Österbotten - a forum for discussing ideas and experiences, cooperating in various events and supporting those working in the cultural field in their ambition to bring history to life in historical settings.

Eva-Marie Backnäs and Lilian Pettersson-Smeds