Pellas Skeppargård, (Shipmaster's Homestead) Åland

The Ålandish small-boat peasant shipping flourished between the years 1856-1880. At the time, shipping in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea was extensive, employing a lot of men and Åland was one of the world's leading shipping districts. Ålandish ships would load lumber in the northern Swedish ports of Skellefteå, Gävle, Sundsvall, Piteå, Härnösand and unload it in ports like Copenhagen, Lübeck, Hamburg, Hull, Swansea, London, Newcastle and Antwerp.  

 Pellas Shipmaster's Homestead 1884
Together with Kalmar County Museum, Ålandish schools arranged education for adults at Pellas shipmaster's homestead. The scenario was that the schooner Leo was to be outfitted. The co-ship-owners, farmers and crofters, assemble to make the ship ready for sailing. Provisions and equipment will have to be arranged. New and old crewmembers will need to be hired and the newly built house is to be shown. There will be a party for Lemlands most beautiful shipmaster's homestead is displayed and the sailors who will cast off in the spring.