Jettböle, Åland

At Jettböle there is a large settlement from the late Stone Age, the largest Stone Age settlement on Åland. The settlement was located on a northern slope next to a narrow strait between two islands. Behind the settlement the steep Jettböle Mountain rose and provided protection from the south and southeast. The people living there lived off hunting seal, birds and fishing. During the later stages of the settlement they started raising cattle, sheep, pigs and possibly growing barley. The settlement was inhabited all year around and the houses had been built in dry plateaus not far from the beach. Remnants of hearths and cooking pits shows us how they cooked their food.  

Kalmar County Museum played out a scenario here between the 26-27th September 2001 together with Vikingaåsens skola. The scenario was "Autumn hunt and autumn feast at Sälsund 4500 years ago".