Grelsby, Åland

During the late Iron Age, 600-1000 A.D., there were extensive settlements on main Åland. The settlements were concentrated to good farmland and pastureland. The farms were separated, but situated rather close to each other. Stock-raising in the meadows and fields was an important source of food, as was fishing. In the fields the Ålanders grew barley, rye, flax and vegetables. It was at this time that iron became common. The raw iron material was imported from the Mälaren Valley, the area west of modern Stockholm, Sweden.  

Grelsby 895 A.D. Kalmar County Museum played out a scenario between the 24-27th September 2002 together with the schools in Finström. The scenario was Autumnfest (council) in the year 895 A.D. The people of the Godby area has been invited to chief Gudmund's farm. They will celebrate the successful harvest of the crops.